There are two kinds of authors: those who want to be writers just because they want to write, and those who want to make a successful living from their writing.

If you just want to peck away at your keyboard and create stories to your heart’s content, this isn’t the site for you.

If you are looking to promote your books because you can inform, uplift, or entertain the world, and get paid nicely to do it, this site is a match for you.


Here’s what we do:


We give you the resources to help sell indie books, and it’s all in the one place.

The world of publishing and promoting books is like the Milky Way. It’s never ending, and all the information is scattered all over the Internet. Once you piece it all together, you’ll discover you need to get reviews, interviews, publicity, etc to expose your book to readers. You also need to hire the right people to produce a quality book that draw readers to it.

That’s why we’ve compiled:

  1. A one-of-a-kind database with over 600 publication services (editors, proofreaders, cover designers, book formatters, illustrators, website designers etc.) and over 1500 promotional contacts supporting independent and small press authors such as reviewers, free and paid advertising sites, guest posts, authors interviews (media, podcasts and blogs), blog tour providers, and so much more.
  2. A spotlight system where authors review and support each other.
  3. Indicated TV where you learn market your book and improve your writing craft.
  4. Book promotion guides to compliment our database.

We’re always adding new content and adding more value for our members.


We save you time and make it easy.

We’ve done the hard slog for you, saving you months of blood, sweat and tears so you can search our database for:

  1. Promotional resources that accept your genre, self-published authors, book format (eBook vs print), that are listed by Country and who cater to your marketing budget.
  2. Publishing services that specialize in your genre, English type (US vs UK English), editing type (copy editing vs substantive editing), cover design requirements (pre made or special designs), formatting type (eBook vs print) and budget.


We teach you how to market your books and improve your writing craft.

Every author has a weakness. Some suck at using social media to promote books and build an audience of readers. Other have no clue about building tension between characters.

Each month on Indicated TV we invite a new guest (author coaches, editors, marketing specialists, social media whizzes, best-selling or niche-genre authors, etc) to give you specialty marketing and writing techniques.

Our 12 book promotion guides (available as bonuses through the silver and gold memberships), outline tips from marketing and social media gurus, and best-selling authors (read more here).


You’ve invested your time to write a book. Now invest in your marketing efforts to turn your work into a commercial success. Sign up now with Indicated here. To find out more about what our memberships entail click here.

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