Hi I’m Louisa. Indicated is my brainchild and was born during the months I spent researching how to promote a book, prior to the launch of my children’s fantasy, The Silver Strand. I used to be an Environmental Engineer and Project Manager, but creative endeavors called, and I left them behind to study a Masters in Creative Writing and pursue my dreams of becoming a full time author.

Let’s rewind 6 months, where my head was swimming with information on book promotion. Two things happened. One: I had a big freak out because I hadn’t listened to the advice of my writing pals and started a blog to build a following. Come launch time, I had zero platform (potential readers).

Two: I didn’t know fancy things like submitting my novel for a pre-publication book review in journals might lead to it being stocked in libraries or bookstores. Rookie mistake!

During my 6 months of research how to promote books, I found bits of information here and there, but no complete author resource. Hence the concept of Indicated was born. To teach clueless authors, like myself, all the various ways to promote a book and how to build an author platform and brand (you!), as well as be a source where authors can find promotional resources and opportunities that exist to market books.

I’ve come to learn that publishing is a business, so I treat it like one. For any business there is a brand (me or you!) and a product (our books). If you are not interested in investing time and money to advertise and market your product, or in giving back to other authors, then this is not the place for you. Success happens with hard work!

I look forward to you joining the team. Squeals of joy will be heard from the Clarkson office if Indicated helps propel you into bestsellerdom. I just ask to be offered the role as the leading lady-before Catch Blanchett does-if your novel gets turned into a film. Deal?

Louisa Clarkson

Louisa Clarkson Indicated pic