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Today let’s welcome the Tammy Barley from Business Book Productions for an interview on the blog. Known as The Millionaire Entrepreneurs’ Book Consultant, Tammy is an award winning fiction author, biographer, entrepreneur, book publisher and leading expert in business book, memoir and biography production. 

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(Louisa) In your opinion, can anyone write a business book if they have a great idea? Do they need to have the business know-how or expertise behind them? In this case, what would you recommend they do?


(Tammy) First, thank you, Louisa, for your interview!


Can anyone write a business book if they have a great idea—Terrific question! Actually, anyone can write a business book, even if they’re not sure what they want to write about. I designed a ten-session coach-guided program (Platinum Draft™) to help people write business books, whether they know what they want to write about or not.


Do they need to have the business know-how or expertise behind them—Naturally, having the business experience beforehand greatly simplifies writing a book about a business subject. However, people also use business books in order to establish themselves in the business world.

I have a saying: If you want to know a lot about a topic, read a book. If you want to know everything about a topic, write a book.


People who want to begin a business can start by researching where their interests and talents would fill a niche. (For me, I was a quirky business-book editor who wanted to tie on a superhero cape and leap into the world of entrepreneurialism. Through research, I discovered that very few editors specialize in helping business professionals to write books. So, coaching business-book authors became my unique niche.)

Once you’ve chosen a niche—a product or service you want to offer—I can assist you to write a book that that niche audience will search for, a book that will not only provide top-of-the-line, cutting-edge information, but that can also surpass virtually any other book that has already been published with similar subject matter, and go a long way toward converting your readers into business prospects.


In short, I help authors create books to be the strongest reader (prospect) magnets available.


Your book can even serve as a springboard from which you create an information product or service, based on your book.

The Platinum Draft coaching program evolved out of my business book—Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits! You can create a similar product or service to explode your profits.


(L) When you coach authors to write business books, memoirs and biographies, what are some of the common mistakes your clients make?


(T) The biggest mistake any author makes is if he or she does not have their manuscript professionally edited.


A manuscript editor who has extensive experience with your genre and audience is the golden key to your book’s success. A potentially good book, without a good editor, is far more likely to fail. And an experienced editor can make a not-so-good book great.


(L) Take us through some of the steps in your writing and manuscript coaching process.


(T) Coaching sessions one through four, plan the book. No book, business, or anything else in life succeeds without a plan.


Coaching sessions five and six, write or speak your manuscript’s content, your manuscript draft.


Coaching sessions six through ten, have your manuscript edited, have your book cover and any interior graphics designed, and self-publish your book and/or e-book.


I help you with everything you need to know to produce your book, in as little as seven to ten weeks.


(L) You new book Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits! teaches budding entrepreneurs how to write a book and promote their business services. Can you share some of the book’s important points?


(T) Simply, the book walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to brainstorm, write, edit, illustrate, self-publish, e-publish, and market a book your prospects want and that will spotlight you as a go-to expert in your professional field.


My readers create their own books while they read through Business Gold. By the time they finish Business Gold, their own books should be published and available for consumer purchase. It’s much like Platinum Draft; with the final coaching session, participants’ books are self-published or e-published.


Business Gold is similar to the Platinum Draft program, though exhaustive in detail. With Platinum Draft, I assist participants with exactly and only what they need to know. Business Gold provides every detail the reader might possibly need to know, which works well for readers who want to create their books independently.


(L) Can you share 3 tips to help promote business books, memoirs and biographies, which might also be applicable to related non-fiction?


(T)(T) 1. Start a blog. Connect with perspective readers—by providing valuable insights, never by advertising. (Give in order to inspire reciprocity.) Use a combination of written blog posts and posts with YouTube videos that you create—to share tips and/or to video-advertise your book (advertising via video can work great, if you learn to do it well). Videos are great way to help perspective readers to get to know you, like you, and trust you— important for any kind of marketing. YouTube videos that link to your blog, and blog posts that link to your YouTube videos, with effective keyword use, can quickly help your Web site to rise in search engine rankings.

2. Participate in circles of social media related to your book. Again, provide valuable insights, never advertise. After you’ve establish some rapport, you can respond to occasional questions related to your book’s content and post a link to your book at the bottom of your reply, if allowed. If it isn’t allowed, people impressed with your insights will search online to find out more about you anyway; they’ll discover your book in your biographical information.

3. Write magazine articles related to your book’s content. Blogs and social media are increasingly seen as doorways to advertising, and many people are sick of constantly being pitched to. Magazine articles provide respected and valued information. Authors of magazine articles are seen as experts on their topics, not as hawkers.

The goal is to grow your authority, so you can give public speeches on your topic of expertise, and participate in newspaper, radio, and television interviews, which promotes your book and business.

Few people make serious money selling their books. They make serious money because their books sell them.


(L) What advice would you give anyone thinking about writing a business book, memoir or biography?


(T) Do it, and do it now. More and more people are jumping into the pool of authorship, but relatively few are doing it well. If you do it well, you will have the advantage.


If you want to write your autobiography or memoir, I have a coaching program for that as well. I call it the Bio Sphere Autobiography-Creation Program (http://www.tammybarley.com/biosphereproductions.html).


(Both the Platinum Draft (http://www.platinumdraft.com/) and Bio Sphere Web sites are in the process of being updated from group-only Webinar class information to include individual, one-on-one coaching.)


Thank you again, Louisa, for inviting me to share some creative morsels with your readers!

Today we welcome Australian author Melissa Gijsbers to teach us how to get past the "Gate Keepers" to sell children's books. Take it away Melissa!

When promoting books for the primary school market, it’s generally the parents, rather than the children, who will buy your books. So, it’s the parents of your readers that you will need to promote your book to.

One area that people often don’t think about is the school newsletter.

Most primary schools have a newsletter that is sent home to parents every week, and many of these have a space for local family-friendly businesses to advertise. This is also a place to advertise your books. At most schools, only a nominal amount is charged for advertising.

In order to promote your book through newsletters, first find out if the school has one and if they accept advertising. If they do, be sure to get a copy of the guidelines. This will include the size of the advertisement, deadlines and anything else that the school may require. Be sure you stick to these or your information may not be included.

Where possible, plan a campaign over a few weeks as not all parents read every newsletter and it may take a few weeks for them to get organised to purchase your book. You could also tie it in with an event or occasion, for example, books make wonderful Christmas gifts, or graduation gifts. The lead up to Book Week is another key time to advertise. Be sure to consider this in your planning.

There are hundreds of schools in a city. You may want to start with the schools closest to you and work out. Advertising in school newsletters can also be a way of letting teachers and librarians that you exist and are local. You never know where a simple advertisement can lead.

Melissa Gijsbers is a Melbourne based author, mother of two boys and grandma to a blue tongue lizard. You can read about her writing journey and get some more promotion and writing tips on her blog at www.melissawrites.com.au or visit her author site at www.melissagijsbers.com

Confession time: I’m one of those people who believes in tarot readings and asking the cards for guidance. Go ahead, eye roll all you want. Here me out and I’ll tell you what it has to do with writing, publishing or marketing a book.

The problem, according to the cards, is facing too many frustrating blocks. How true! I’ve sapped me of the motivation to write. I’m unsure what to do next when it comes to marketing my book and even the Indicated website. Tasks have been taking 10 times longer to complete.

Why? I have this filthy, nasty, stinking hobitses (er I mean habit) of focusing on what I haven’t achieved rather than what I have. *Hangs head* Boy those cards, they don’t lie! I, like many authors, beat myself up all the time with thoughts like, “I haven’t reached my 5 page writing goal today, tomorrow I’ll have to write double to catch up.” Not only did I feel guilty for not achieving enough, but frustration built, I attracted more of these situations, compounding the problem. 

So what did the cards say to stop this pattern? Simple: acknowledge and celebrate my achievements. Okay. Let’s look at what I have done in 2013:

  1. I have published and marketed my first children’s fantasy novel, The Silver Strand.
  2. I decided to change career direction, write part-time, become a student of creative writing, and created a support and promotional site to help my fellow authors.
  3. I spent 4 months researching the library on how to promote books and resources to help do so.
  4. I wrote 25,000 words (approximately half) of my new children’s book Heaven and Hound.
  5. I critiqued 3 novellas, and countless new chapters for my writing buddy, TF Walsh.

Wow. That’s quite an achievement now that I look at it.

Writing and publishing shouldn’t just be about celebrating the successes like reaching the best-sellers list or getting a publishing contract with a big publisher. We need to acknowledge the small things. That includes the terrible, stinky paragraph you just wrote, or the story, which will never see the light of day. Who cares? You wrote something. These things are still an accomplishment and deserve credit.

So pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with a treat. By giving acknowledging every achievement, no matter how big or small, you smash down the blocks in your way, allowing you to move forward.

I’d love to know what you’ve achieved in 2013, and how you will celebrate? Maybe we can share some cyber chocolate smiley 

P.s. Anyone who wants more details on my brilliant tarot reader, just drop me a line. You'll be surprised and impressed. 


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