The spotlight is coming soon. I am taking requests for pre-sign ups for launch when we get enough members to launch it. Please contact me here if you're interested in going on the list.



Every month certain novels in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres will be featured (spotlighted) on the boards and available for either: 1. Review(s) (where feedback is left on sales distribution sites or reader recommendation sites), or; 2. support (where members requests their local library purchase the spotlight novel, members gift the book to the library or friends and family, or members may feature the books on their blogs and promote them on social media).

Members are free to review or support any book they like. If they review a book, they must buy it, and submit reviews on sites listed on Where to Post Reviews (or equivalent) to help promote spotlight authors. Spotlight novels have sample pages provided for members to peruse.

The number of novels spotlighted per month is dependent on how many members qualify. Reviewing and supporting other members in accordance with the Review and Support System Rules will gain you eligibility, because this site is about supporting and promoting others to receive the same.

Members may submit one book per spotlight. However they can upload multiple books to their member dashboard. The dashboard in the member’s section will track the numbers of reviews and supports you send to other members, plus those you receive. Indicated will also notify members when there books are planned for spotlights. Members with multiple books uploaded must notify Indicated which book they wish to be spotlighted.

To view the list genres available visit the Fiction Spotlight and Non-fiction Spotlight pages