1. To be spotlighted, members must pay it forward, and review another spotlight first. 
  2. Reviewing a spotlight = selecting a spotlight book you wish to read, buy it and read it and submit a review (a minimum of 100 words) on a site where the spotlight novel is sold (refer to the list provided in the spotlight feature), or one of the sites listed in Where to Post Reviews
  3. To prove you completed the review, paste a URL link into the 'submit review' button beneath the spotlight novel. Here is an example.
  4. Disrespectful or nasty reviews will not be tolerated. Guidance on what to include in reviews is provide here.
  5. Each book will have a maximum of 2 spotlights per year to ensure fairness to other members.
  6. Members have a maximum of two months to submit their reviews for spotlight novels, and may do so through the spotlight archive.
  7. Random audits will be conducted on this spotlight system to ensure members are complying with the rules. Non-complaint members will receive two warnings, and in the instance of a third violation, their membership will be cancelled with no refund.
  8. Members acknowledge that by joining the spotlight system they get a chance to receive multiple review(s), not a guarantee of getting any. Indicated takes no responsibility if reviews are not received. Please read the "Tips to maximize getting reviews" here (scroll down).